These Preparations Need To Be A Babymoon Journey To Make Happy Pregnant Women

Babymoon, or vacation time for the prospective Mother and Father before the baby is born, is now increasingly popular. This is considered to be able to help pregnant women to relax, as well as strengthen the relationship between prospective mothers and fathers. So that the babymoon doesn't actually create stress, let's make a checklist from the guide below. There are various things that need to be considered before a babymoon, including determining the right time and location, as well as what activities are carried out. The Right Time for Babymoon When is the right time to do a babymoon? Generally during pregnant women (pregnant women) and the womb is healthy. Pregnant women can do babymoon until 36 weeks gestation. However, gestational age 14-28 weeks is the safest relative time. At this time usually nausea in early pregnancy has subsided and the pregnancy is not so great. But, pregnant women should consider not having a babymoon if they have a risky pregnancy such as t
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